CAA Driver Proficiency Program - Level 3 Master Driver

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The Level Three Syllabus for the the CAA's Driver Proficiency Program.

The highest recognition offered, this level requires demonstration of horsemanship and driving ability, continuing with unit-based competence. In order to achieve a full certificate for Level 3, a candidate must complete all the compulsory Units, 1, 2, 3; plus any one of the optional Units 4, 5, or 6. Candidates will receive credit for all units they complete successfully.
Level 3 Compulsory Units:
1. Training of the Driven Horse
2. Practical Driving: Single Horse
3. Vehicles and Harness

Level 3 Optional Units:
One of these units is required for the full certificate:
4. Pair Driving- Advanced Level
5. Driving with Four Reins -Tandem
6. Driving with Four Reins - Four-in-hand

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