MCR Wt Bal Hyperlight Carriage Whip

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The longer whips will have more weight in front of your hand due to the amount of whip in front of your hand. This can lead to arm and hand fatigue in trying to keep the tip of the whip where it's supposed to be. Adding a counter weight in the handle balances this out and make the whip very well balanced when in use. it will feel heavier for the entire whip, than a non weighted one will, but the counter weight disperses the whip weight to the back of the ship, instead of the front, lending to a very comforatable feel when driving.

Recently we have changed to this design for all whips 70" and over. All colors are available and both cream or black lash, on a very streamlined golf grip style handle.

Although I keep a variety in stock, at both locations, if the exact combination you need is not in stock it will be made to order. Please Allow 1 month for Made to Order whips. If you select Drop ship from Manufacturer, you can prob receive it w/i 2 weeks.

These whips are shipped in a Reusable PVC tube, with insurance. This is already built into the shipping cost.

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