Two-Tone Leather/SS Harness

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This is a very lovely, unique harness. Maker is unknown, but it's excellent craftsmanship.

This is on the larger end of cob size, and would fit small horse. It has a padded saddle, breastcollar and breeching. Comes with false martingale and built in kicking strap - or possibly its a trace holder. I guess it could be used for either. never seen anything quite like it!. the noseband is cavesson style, but I wasn't able to get it through the browband to go over the head, and if this were my harness I'd slide the removable head strap off the noseband and replace with hanger straps. The girth is wrap strap style, and is also padded. Hardware is solid stainless throughout. Traces are slot end.

Breastcollar 43", breeching 49" (end of rings), saddle size is 40" w/12" billets, Girth 25.5", Reins 14'.

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