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John Lyons Renowned trainer John Lyons has a simple answer not only for why your horse misbehaves, but how you can fix the problem in a commonsense, step-by-step manner. His methods have been honed by working with thousands of horses and people at clinics around the world. Use them and you'll replace your horse's bad behavior with a tractable, willing attitude, transforming him from a problem to a trusted partner. Learn to solve such common behavior problems as: • Trailer-loading trauma • Refusal to cross water • Spooking • Biting • Rearing • Bucking • Setting back when tied 4 BONUS chapters from John are included: • How to prepare for your horse's first trail ride; • How to deal with 'monsters' on the trail; • How to avoid a fight with your horse; • And how not to be a 'wrong-way' trainer.

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