Trauma Void Lynx Riding Helmet – Smooth Shell

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Protect your head in style with the revolutionary Trauma Void Lynx Helmet.

Trauma Void™’s Lynx™ helmet is the wave of the future and the next step in brain protection technology for the equestrian community.

This stylish helmet features Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has been used in snow, motor, and bike helmets for years to provide additional protection and reduce rotational force. Of course, Trauma Void knows riders want to look their best in the show ring and this helmet offers plenty of style with a fashionable smooth matte finish. For comfort, there are plenty of vents, plus a removable and washable Coolmax lining.


Circumference Size
50-53 cm Small
54-58 cm Medium
59-61 cm Large

Helmet Fitting/Measuring:

To measure for the best fit, find the circumference of the head. To begin, use a flexible tape measure and place it 1-1/2 cm above the eyebrows, skimming the tops of the ears, take it around the back of the head to the fullest part. Using the rider’s measurement and the chart below, find the corresponding helmet for their size range. Please note that the rider’s hair should be as worn when using the helmet.

Care Instructions

When you aren't using it, keep your Trauma Void riding helmet in a climate-controlled environment. Extreme temperatures as well as fluctuating temperatures can be detrimental to the integrity of the shock-absorbing materials within the helmet.

The inner Coolmax lining of your helmet can be removed and hand washed if needed. Lay flat or hang to dry. The smooth shell helmet may be wiped down with a wet cloth and the microfiber shell helmet can be spot cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth.

You should never clean your helmet with any alcohol-based liquid, as this will damage the helmets.

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