Sterling Essentials Sparkle - Powdered Leather Cleaner

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Lavender Scent. A relaxing scent of fresh lavender, a calming floral herbaceous fragrance. Imagine sunwarmed Lavender fields in France!

Enjoy sparkling clean, healthy tack with the Sterling Essentials Premium Powdered Leather Cleaner. Effective cleaning yet gentle enough for daily use, you'll love how Sparkle easily keeps your tack and boots in mint condition but also supports their longevity through our proprietary formula that protects the pH, chemistry, and fibers of your leather. Just mix Sparkle with water and discover the power of this eco-friendly grime buster for yourself.

Makes 16 fluid ounces.

  • Just add 16 fl oz (473 mL / 2 C) of water to Sparkle. Mix right in the pouch! Then pour into your favorite spray bottle to use.
  • Quick one step application. Spray on and easily wipe clean with your favorite soft, dry, clean towel. No rinsing needed after wiping. No need to wet with water first or wash off afterward - so easy! And you'll minimize water exposure and damage to your valuable tack!
  • Gently and effectively cleans leather through a special blend of natural, food-grade leather cleansers and protecting therapeutic grade essentials oils.
  • Specially formulated to match the pH of leather to prevent premature degradation, aging, and damage.
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew through pure essential oils
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