LaSalle Horse Sz Leather Training Harness

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Here's another beauty. This harness is in like new condition. There are no buckle indents and it's immaculately clean. Look at the the close up photos! I actually am not sure it has ever been on a horse. It's very soft and obviously made of very high quality leather. Breeching is double thick, breastcollar is sofly self padded and the neckstrap is double layer and edge stitched around the points. Crupper is thick style. All measurements that are adjustable are listed on center holes and can go smaller or larger. The brass is a little tarnished, but not bad. The saddle is treeless - like a training surcingle. The saddle and the bridle have a brown tone, whereas the other parts are very black. these could be easily dyed, if uniform color is needed. Harness is complete.

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