Effax Mildew Free for Leather

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Are you tired wiping mildew of your tack?
The Effax Mildew Free for Leather contains special resins that embed in the leather to minimize future mildew growth. Clean your harness or other leather tack and then apply Effax Mildew Free for Leather evenly.The Effax Mildew-Free for Leather will be absorbed into the leather and will leave no residue.

Effax Mildew-Free for Leather reliably prevents leather from being attacked by mildew and fungi on the basis of a natural care oil mixture. The addition of lanolin also means the leather receives the ideal nourishment of high quality resins.

125 ml Spray

Due to federal regulations, we are unable to ship to Alaska and Hawaii for this product. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Made in Germany

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