Beris Leather Wrapped Liverpool

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This is a Liverpool Swivel Cheek, 2 Slot style.

Many horses, even very sensitive ones, accept leather bits and often respond with more chewing and salivation. These leather bits are made of vegetable-tanned hide and stitched together by hand. Available soft or hard.

Made in Germany

Curb Chain sold separately

Care instructions for Beris leather mouthpieces: Prior to first use, soak the mouthpiece thoroughly in cooking oil. Repeat if the leather seems dry. Prior to every use, soak briefly in cold water. Rinse after every use to prevent deterioration of the bit due to saliva.


Mouthpieces made of leather are softer and lighter, but horses’ teeth are considerable harder and can therefore considerably shorten the lifespan of a bit made of this material. If the bit is placed correctly in the area between the incisors and molars, damage is unlikely, but not impossible. Therefore, we cannot offer any warranty for damages due to bite marks or incorrect placement of the bit.

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