Anti Monkey Butt Powder

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Anti Monkey Butt Powder is formulated with a cornstarch base, kaolin (for extra chafing protection), sodium bicarbonate (for fighting odor) and powdered calamine (for soothing). It's designed to soothe your skin and reduce odor, chafing and irritation keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Anti Monkey Butt is a rare breed born from the desire to provide humankind with high quality products that help maximize daily comfort of those who work hard, play hard and for anyone who doesn't want to spend their day in discomfort. You can use Anti Monkey Butt Powder to protect you from a multitude of skin irritations like blistering feet, between skin folds, where sports pads rub against your skin, etc. It's great for any activity where you need to keep that swampy, monkey butt feeling from ruining your day.

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